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Email Marketing.

need a reliable and effective way to communicate with your customers?

Email marketing is a super engaging way to communicate with your customer-base. Whether you are welcoming a new customer, telling existing customers about a product promotion, or simply passing on some key information – email is a great way to do it. Through ye-catching design, imagery and great quality content it is really easy to keep customers in the loop and to further develop their relationship with you. At Smithfield Digital we love to build engaging email campaigns that get results!

Results-driven email marketing

Email marketing is a powerful marketing tool and continue to bring greater return year on year. Businesses tend to see a very high return on investment, frequently generating returns of 40:1.

Integral to any digital marketing strategy, email marketing is not only fast, but it is cheap to implement and can be highly profitable. Email marketing also great for building customer relationships and for brand awareness too. Email marketing, through subscription sign-ups, encourages customers to revisit your website and to gain insight on your product and services promotions, along with your business ethos.

Engaging email marketing

We create original and engaging email marketing campaigns and have many years of experience establishing business to customer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) relationships for Shropshire businesses. We design messages that are targeted to a specific audience or demographic and to deliver a high engagement and response rate. We build highly effective email marketing campaigns that get results.